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Themar Qatar

Themar Is a leading Qatari brand that works on a wide range of Premium dates products (specially Medjool Dates).
They offer a wide selection of downstream products such as Premium Medjool Dates, Luxury Chocolate Dates, and Stuffed Dates (Nuts & Dried fruits) in multiple package sizes and varieties to suit their customers’ needs from wholesale packages to retail shelves.
We worked on a full branding:
Designed a bespoke logotype where simplicity and Authentic Arabic culture play a major factor in the design. 
We designed a logo with Authentic Arabic calligraphy mixed with modern character while preserving the spirit of letters.
The colors were inspired by the color of the Qatar flag with the addition of the golden color to indicate the luxury of the product. Brand mandala is inspired by Islamic motifs.
We worked with Themar on the design of:
– Branding Identity
– Packaging

– Printing Materials
– E-commerce Website
– Mobile App
– Social Media (Instagram)
– Product Photography
– Advertising

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